Responsive Website

Responsive web designing allows the web pages to look symmetric on all types of systems and devices. HTML and CSS are used to enlarge, resize, move or adjust the content of the website. The fact cannot be denied that a responsive website is much manageable and compatible to all devices. Easy navigation and convenient reading experience make the users feel good.

How Add Web Services is a way ahead in designing and development?

What mobile users do when they see a website is taking too long to download? They exit the screen without wait. Do you want this to happen with your web portal also? If not, rely upon Add Web Services for responsive web designing solutions where the layout is simple and clear with minimum requirement of resizing and scrolling the content. As we use high-end tools and software to create responsive website, the visitors enjoy a remarkable experience when explore the portal. While designing the responsive website, we ensure the following things:

: Perfect layout that fits into all the four corners of every device
: Compatibility to run on all the browsers like Safari, Chrome, iOS etc.
: Up to the mark performance under all circumstances.
: Optimum user experience.
: The size of the website to float like a fluid in all types of screens and devices.

Features of responsive web designing

Responsive websites carry the trait of compatibility for all the devices leaving a great browsing experience for the users.
As 60% of your audience will view your website on mobile phones and if it lacks to get adjusted as per the type of device, you will drop opportunities to tap the market effectively.
Maintenance of only one website is quite economical and there won’t be any chance of content duplicity.


We provide a great customer support to our client. We also provide 24*7 hours online solve our client query.


We provide a well complete documentation with explanations for most of the options to our client.


We provide a fully responsive and complete bootstrap site to our client, bcs 70% user open your sites in mobile or any other devices.


We offer to our client top of premium theme to chose them, and get a great look for their website.